Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dota Cheats and Dota Beta Maps

Cheating in the game is really irritating that can turn out your mood so badly. Basically, cheats appears on every dota maps and with AI maps created by the cheats maker. Usually, cheats are occur at beta maps. Some beta maps are being revised by those people involved in making cheats codes in the maps.

In the computer cafe' where I played dota, there are many dota maps has been downloaded by the computer technician and programmer in the cafe'. Sometimes, when the player create or host the server for a game which the map he choose has a cheat enabled commands. So, if you don't know about the map and the version of the dota map, you play as normal player but the other players who knows about the map and the cheats can have a chance to cheat you. Even you are not the host and even you are in Scourge team, you can also able to cheat.

Cheats and bugs are usually appears in the beta maps where people can edit the maps and make some commands for cheats.

To play dota all-stars game is really exciting and really challenging but I suggest use the map which is officially made by the authorized dota all-stars game maker and provider.

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