Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dota Hero Barathrum Items Build Tips and Strategies

One of my favorite dota hero is the spirit breaker Barathrum. It is the strength dota hero with two casting skills and 2 passive skills. I just want to give or share tips and strategies on how to build barathrum into unstoppable and beyond godlike here. But first of all, before you pick dota hero barathrum, you should first know your enemies hero. The weaknesses and their strengths. That way, you can think of how you build barathrum with items and your strategies.

Here some dota tips and strategies on how to build items and strategies for Spirit Breaker Barathrum hero:

1. First, buy scout shield, quelling axe and tango.
2. Pick Empowering haste as your first skill.
3. When spawning creeps, it easy to spawn creeps by last hitting.
4. Buy boot of speed, then make it power treads.
5. Barathrum needs attack speed. So, buy mask of madness as your first offensive item.
6. If the enemies has many stunners or casters, you should build black king bar or avatar for immunity.
7. Next item should be sange and yasha. It gives increase in movement speed and attack speed. Also gives additional strengths and damage.
8. You can now use offensive and damage items like assault cuirass, monkey king bar, buriza de cyanon, battle fury and many more.
9. When you reached level 6, at early time, you should hunt enemy hero as soon as possible so that you can gain levels, kills and bunos gold.
10. You should cooperate with your team mates when hunting and pushing.
11. Make sure not too over charge to enemy if you are not in the right timing. You can cancel your charge by clicking "S" at your keyboard.
12. The last but not the least, team work is the best way and strategy to win the game.
13. Good luck.

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Thanks for the tips. I love using barathrum.

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