Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cheat in DOTA ALLSTAR MAP VERSION 6.59d Revealed!!

Cheat in DOTA ALLSTAR MAP VERSION 6.59d Reveal!!! I know how excited you are to know the cheat in dota map version or dota 6.59d. Well, well, well, before I reveal the cheat in 6.59d, please let me tell you the map version and the other map hack version. The current version that I had played is dota 6.59d with two 6.59d map hack in my computer game shop the place where I played dota. When you creating a server for a game, there are three 6.59d version as you can see the selection maps. Just select the first one 6.59d Map version if you want to play Dota with no cheat. But if you want to play to cheat in dota or if you want to use cheat in dota, just select or create the second and the third map version because that map is hacked. I mean that is the map cheat enabled.

By the way, lets go to dota cheat in Dota 6.59d... Are you ready? Well, the cheat is still the same from the last dota map version 6.58. If you want to know the cheat in DOTA map 6.95d, just visit GAMES REEL ONLINE.

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